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Frequently Asked Questions

What can you help me with?2023-03-02T11:44:04-06:00

Canada geese, moles, bats, and birds in bathroom vents. Depending on the time of year this may include groundhogs, squirrels, and skunks.

Can Bats Enter Through Ridge Vents?2023-03-02T14:57:13-06:00

Yes, certain types of ridge vents are prone to bat troubles. In order for us to warrant our work, we must screen the ridge vent with Ridge-guard or similar products. Not all vents cause issues. It may be water tight, but not bat-tight.

What is your experience with wildlife in Iowa?2023-03-15T10:26:35-05:00

We have over sixteen years of professional wildlife control in central Iowa. Complete Wildlife Control with a degree in biology and lifelong outdoor experience.

What animals don’t you work with?2023-03-02T11:20:16-06:00

By staying laser focused on moles, bats, and geese, we are your Iowa wildlife specialist. Right now we do not address cats, dogs, deer, muskrats, rodents, woodpeckers and wildlife rehabilitation. Currently we are suspending raccoon work due to workload.

What is your service area?2023-03-02T11:20:47-06:00

For moles and geese we like to stay in the Des Moines metro region. For bats, we will travel in the nine counties in and around Des Moines.

What can I do about birds in my bathroom vents?2023-03-02T11:22:15-06:00

For one singular price, Complete Wildlife Control will remove nesting material and/or birds from up to four vents. We will then place covers over those vents to prevent any further problems.

What do bat droppings (guano) look like?2023-03-02T11:22:50-06:00

Bat droppings are easily confused with rodent droppings. The difference is the texture. Bat guano turns to powder when crushed in the palm of a hand. Rodent droppings cannot be crushed. Also, bat droppings contain sparkles and glitter like substances in their material. These shiny sparkles are insect particles that the bat has eaten.

Why is there sales tax?2023-03-02T11:23:16-06:00

In Iowa, all pest control work, including geese and bats, are required to charge sales tax. Be wary if a wildlife control company is not including this on their invoice.

Are bats protected or endangered?2023-03-02T11:24:11-06:00

In Iowa, the Big Brown Bat and Little Brown Bat, the ones most likely to enter homes, are not protected in structures occupied by humans. You can do whatever you want with them in your house. Complete Wildlife Control uses humane methods for bat control and this information is for homeowner use only.

This is the Iowa code from 2021:481A.42:
Nongame protected – exclusion. Protected nongame species include wild fish, wild birds, wild bats, wild reptiles, and wild amphibians, an egg, a nest, a dead body or part of a dead body, and a product made from part of a body of a wild fish, wild bird, wild bat , wild reptile, or wild amphibian. However, nongame does not include game, fish that may be taken pursuant to regulations established under the Code or departmental rule, fur-bearing animals, turtles, or frogs, as defined in this chapter. The commission shall designate by rule those species of nongame which by their abundance or habits are declared a nuisance, and these species shall not be protected. Rules adopted shall include, but are not limited to, a provision that states that any bat , except for the Indiana bat , which is found within a building that is occupied by human beings is not a protected nongame species.[S13, §2563-q C24, 27, 31, §1776 C39, §1794.005 C46, 50, 54, 58, 62, 66, 71, 73, 75, 77, 79, 81, §109.42]83 Acts, ch 168, §6 92 Acts, ch 1107, §1C93, §481A.42

Complete Wildlife Control uses humane methods for bat control and this is for homeowner use only. Bats are only federally protected if they are on the endangered species list, which in Iowa, only the Indiana bat and Northern Long-Eared bat are. Complete Wildlife Control has never found an Indiana bat or a Northern Long-Eared bat inside a house.

If another company has scared you into believing bats are federally protected, ask them to prove it.

Do you remove or relocate Canada Geese?2023-03-02T11:24:46-06:00

No, We disperse the resident Canada Geese from the property by conditioning the birds to realize the property is not a safe place to live, feed at, or raise goslings.

Why do you only use Border Collies to move off Canada Geese?2023-03-02T11:25:23-06:00

We only use working Border Collies because it is the only dog breed among other herding dogs that use a wolf-like glance called the “eye”. This intense stare influences the flock into flight or movement. The geese perceive this stalking manner as predatory behavior and threatening. Actually, the geese are never touched and are perfectly safe. In fact, all other dogs are perceived as a nuisance or just not predatory.

Can I move a nest/goose?2023-03-02T11:25:53-06:00

The Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 states “The Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA) prohibits the take (including killing, capturing, selling, trading, and transport) of protected migratory bird species without prior authorization by the Department of Interior U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Is Complete Wildlife Control able to help me with aggressive and nesting geese?2023-03-02T11:26:27-06:00

Complete Wildlife Control LLC is a private company in Iowa permitted by Iowa DNR, Iowa dept of Agriculture, and US Fish and Wildlife to go beyond just harassing geese, we are able to actually limit the reproducing capabilities of Canada geese. Once geese start nesting, they become very territorial and aggressive. We can prevent this aggression and limit the size of a resident flock of geese. Wildlife Control will have the necessary state and federal permits to make sure wildlife is kept in check.

Why should we choose to use Complete Wildlife Control?2023-03-02T11:27:29-06:00

We hold multiple certificates in wildlife management and as certified dog trainers. We have many years of experience and knowledge of wildlife patterns. We know our wildlife and our canines. Complete Wildlife Control is devoted to controlling Canada geese through humane and environmentally friendly methods. Our goal is to provide you with a safe, clean, and reduced goose conflict.

We are affordable, reliable, and most importantly… effective. We also are insured.

How do working Border Collies get rid of geese?2023-03-10T11:26:59-06:00

If the geese population is heavily engrained, we may initially perform two or three canine patrols a day to disrupt their feeding pattern. Our handler will give our dog directional commands to move the geese off the property.  You may see the dog doing a stalking movement toward the geese which resembles that of a natural predator to the geese.  If the geese run into a pond on your property the dog is trained to enter the water and move them on.   The geese are never touched as we use Border Collies that are herding dogs.  As geese realize their feeding site has predators they leave to find safer grounds.

How long will this process take?2023-03-10T11:27:43-06:00

We customize your property to your needs.  It really depends on the size, location, number of geese, and how long the geese have made this place their home.  You should see improvements very quickly.  Once we meet with you and see your property we will customize a plan to fit your needs.

Is this method the best way to get rid of geese?2023-03-13T09:31:57-05:00

The most effective strategy to reduce the Canada goose population on your property is to apply predator pressure through daily trained goose-herding dogs. Using dogs to harass geese from an area is the most successful method. Herding dogs convince geese they are not safe from predators. Ongoing canine harassment instills fear in geese and convinces them to find safer places to feed and nest.

Will the geese come back?2023-03-10T11:32:18-06:00

In the beginning, the geese may just fly away and return as soon as they think the area is safe. This is why it is necessary to continue randomly scheduled daily dog service visits until the geese learn that the area is not safe. Canada geese will become annoyed by the threat of being moved off by border collies and most likely choose another place to spend their time. Other Canada Geese may drop in but are easily moved because they don’t have a long-term connection to this property and will look for a safe location to feed and raise their young.

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